In case you missed it, World Cup Champion and US Women’s National Team Legend Carli Lloyd was at the Philadelphia Eagles camp this week and she drilled a 55-yard field goal, no problem. The South Jersey native, who has Philly sports ties, was welcomed by Eagles. Back to the field goal, Lloyd probably would have been good from 60-yards on that attempt, but, mind you, it was done without game pressure and without pads – a totally different ball game. With the buzz swirling around the video, many have suggested Lloyd could kick in the NFL, and after thinking about it a bit, so does she. “I was laughing about it with my husband at first. But now I’m sort of entertaining the idea.” She said. “I think that I definitely could do it with the right practice and the right technique and get my steps down and figure all that out. I don’t want to go in there blindly. I want to actually attempt to do it. But I know that I definitely could do it because anything I set my mind to do, I can do it. And I actually do kick balls for a living. So, yeah, it’s all about the technique, and we’ll see what happens.” Now, as cool as it was to see Lloyd blast one in from 50+, the idea of her playing in the NFL may be unrealistic. Though she is a legend on the soccer field, maybe the most accomplished woman in our country’s soccer history, to suggest her 135-pound frame could stand up to a broken NFL kicking play is a stretch. Keenan Allen tweeted, “Sound sweet, ’til somebody block the kick and all of a sudden she on defense. Would be like the stampede scene in the Lion King movie. She do got a boot tho!” Let’s be honest, people are retiring from the NFL because of how physically dangerous the sport can be. While Lloyd has one heck of a leg and can probably drill NFL field goals, the rough side of the game that kickers do encounter from time-to-time would be physically challenging. These are 250+ pound elite, male athletes with incredible strength and speed. It is not a question of toughness.  And it’s not men verses women, it is just simple biology. In the brutal game of football, very big, strong and fast v. much, much, much smaller = potential danger for the smaller. Lloyd would be better served finishing her soccer career strong and keeping her body healthy for retirement.

More and more women are breaking through into the world of pop and hip-hop stardom, but few of them make it to the Forbes’ top 10 highest paid women in music.

Not surprising, Taylor Swift sits at the very top, but the true shock lies in the numbers.  Swift earned an astonishing $100 million more than Beyonce, who sits at number two.  Here’s the list:

  • Taylor Swift – $185 million
  • Beyonce – $81 million
  • Rihanna – $62 million
  • Pink – $57 million
  • Katy Perry – $57 million
  • Ariana Grande – $48 million
  • Dion – $40 million
  • Lady Gaga – $40 million
  • Jennifer Lopez – $40 million
  • Shakira – $35 million

Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and young Billie Eilish are set to challenge the list for this year’s top 10, but they have lots of touring to do to catch the leaders.

            AI is changing the social and professional worlds very quickly. Unfortunately, women tend to be underrepresented in AI and in the tech industry in general. However, several Indian women are making an impact on the AI industry. Here’s five women who are examples of this trend.

Ashwini Asokan left Silicon Valley to go to India to start a company of her own. Along with her husband, she created Mad Street Den in Chennai India to provide AI services for apps. Users can plug into the AI cloud platform MAD stack to use the product. The product allows online shoppers to take photos of clothing they like and find these clothes through an online shopping portal. Asokan said that the reason she went to India to start her company was because the Indian consumer market is growing very quickly.

Suriya Prabha taught herself how to code. Now she has created a tech education company called YouCode. Her company helps kids in rural areas of Tamil Nadu learn about AI, robotics and coding.

Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur founded Niramai, a breast cancer screening tool which uses AI and machine learning.

In 2014, Gazal and Deepak Garg founded TruckFast, a company that provides high quality services in fields such as e-commerce, FMGG, auto, pharma and the cold chain space.

Niyati Agarwal is one of the founders of Morph.ai, a B2B SaaS platform in which businesses can create chatbots. Chatbots can reach out to customers and pursue high quality leads. The chatbots performs personalized interactions with customers.