“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day!” A phrase we have all heard when talking about wardrobe decisions for after the first Tuesday of September. But why? White is a great color in fashion, why can’t it be worn after Labor Day? Fortunately, the old tradition seems to be on it’s way out. There seem to be two theories on the origin of the tradition.  According to Time Magazine, the first theory is temperature based. White is a cooler color during the hot summer months because of physics – the sun reflects off of light colors while it absorbs into dark colors. Especially in the days before air conditioning, anything would help. The second theory is based on class and social status. A blue collar worker, grinding away in industrial cities would naturally wear darker colors since white would tend to soil.  Higher class people, who were not laborers, would wear white as a means of showcasing their elite social status. Whether either of these theories is true, it doesn’t matter since marketers in recent years have re-branded the color as “winter white.”  So, after this Tuesday, September 3rd, rock the white with pride whenever you feel like it.  The answer to anyone who challenges your choice is “winter white.”
The TV show Big Brother has been accused of racism. Big Brother is a reality TV show about contestants living in a house together which is under constant surveillance; the house is also isolated from the outside world. A report was released from People.com saying that fans of the show are using social media to accuse contestants of racism. The producers of Big Brother say that the content is often unedited and that they don’t condone much of the contestant’s behavior. The producers also claim that they don’t fire people based on race. Three people of color were removed from the show last week. These three contestants claim they never felt like they were part of the cast; but they aren’t sure if this was because of racism. Matthew in particular has been accused of racism. Fans created a petition on Change.org to have him kicked out of the Big Brother house. It remains to be seen how much influence the fan base can have on how the show unfolds.