Hearing is one of the five senses which technology has successfully aided. Hearing aids are common and successful technologies. Eyeglasses designed to help people to see well have existed since the Middle Ages. Recently, an artificial tongue has been developed by the University of Glasgow. So far, our sense of smell has been harder to enhance. However, a tech start-up called Cyrano Sciences is commercializing an electronic nose designed not just to assist human noses but also to assist sniffer dogs who are used for security purposes.

A New Zealand wine dealer has partnered with an artificial intelligence company called Spacetime in order to match wine drinkers with wines they would probably love. American companies IBM and McCormick & Company are trying to use artificial intelligence to learn about people’s taste preferences. There are many philosophical questions about how these new technologies might best be used. One concern is that enhanced tasting experiences might addict people to the foods they already like and prevent them from trying new foods that they don’t currently like; oftentimes people learn to like foods that they used to not like through exposure.