What do the following titles have in common: Night at the Museum, Home Alone, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cheaper by the Dozen? Answer: They are all titles previously owned by 21st Century Fox, which is now under the Disney umbrella and according to Disney CEO, Bob Iger, they are all due for a millennial makeover. Adding to the hype of the Disney+ streaming service release this November, the four aforementioned titles will be getting a reboot, or rather a “re-imagination,” for a new generation. In its coming battle with Netflix and Amazon, which may ultimately be defined by the original content each service is able to produce, this is yet another example of how Disney plans to make its streaming splash. These makeovers are expected to be different from the originals in more ways than not. They, along with the long line of existing Disney titles and Marvel titles will give users tons of hours of content on which to binge. While there’s no timetable for the release of these remakes, we don’t expect it to take long before they start hitting theaters and streaming out through Disney+.