nick jonas

Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers had a big weekend at the MTV VMAs. The event had Jonas Brothers’ footprints all over it. They performed at the event, they won an award for Best Pop Song and were able to celebrate the evening with their significant others. That is, all of them except for Nick. Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, was not able to attend the VMAs due to prior engagements. As a result, Nick was left as the fifth wheel among brothers Joe and Kevin and their counterparts, Sophie Turner and Daniel Jonas. When the Jonas Brothers were announced for winning Best Pop Song (‘Sucker’), Kevin and Joe turned to kiss their ladies while Nick just stood there awkwardly laughing. Even though Priyanka couldn’t be there, she wasn’t going leave her man hanging. She posted a picture to her Instagram account (which has over 40 million followers) that captured the moment the Jonas Brothers win was announced. But this time, she was in the photo, via Photoshop, shown in a red dress, gently resting in the arms of Nick while he held her with his hand on her booty. It was a perfect, humorous ending to an amazing weekend for the New Jersey native.