Ariana Grande is suing fashion retailer Forever 21 for $10 million.  Her accusation is that Forever 21 has stolen Grande’s “name, likeness and other intellectual property.”   This comes after Forever 21 has tried to reach an endorsement deal with Grande, who deemed the deal not good enough. Grande also claims the company hired a look-alike model to wear sports clothes and accessories that appear just like those worn by Grande in her videos. A Forever 21 spokesperson said that the company will dispute the lawsuit, but because the company is still after an agreement with the pop star, they also added they’re huge supporters of her.

“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day!” A phrase we have all heard when talking about wardrobe decisions for after the first Tuesday of September. But why? White is a great color in fashion, why can’t it be worn after Labor Day? Fortunately, the old tradition seems to be on it’s way out. There seem to be two theories on the origin of the tradition.  According to Time Magazine, the first theory is temperature based. White is a cooler color during the hot summer months because of physics – the sun reflects off of light colors while it absorbs into dark colors. Especially in the days before air conditioning, anything would help. The second theory is based on class and social status. A blue collar worker, grinding away in industrial cities would naturally wear darker colors since white would tend to soil.  Higher class people, who were not laborers, would wear white as a means of showcasing their elite social status. Whether either of these theories is true, it doesn’t matter since marketers in recent years have re-branded the color as “winter white.”  So, after this Tuesday, September 3rd, rock the white with pride whenever you feel like it.  The answer to anyone who challenges your choice is “winter white.”

Ariana Grande’s big summer rolls on. Fresh off a couple awards at the VMA’s, the pop star released a new line of perfume, named after her hit song “Thank U Next”. Right now the perfume is available exclusively on Ulta.com before its September release in Ulta Beauty stores. It will also be available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Ms. Grande is no stranger to the fragrance game, she won an award for her fragrance Cloud and now brings her hit phrase ‘Thank U Next’ into the beauty game. It has been regarded as the phrase of the year as it captured the current mood; “moving on and taking control in a self-affirming way.”

Building a product around a phrase she made so famous is a smart business move that helps its legacy to grow.  Grande explains, “I wanted to make a fragrance that smells related to my first fragrance Ari, but more summery.  So, I revisited Ari’s fruity pear and raspberry notes and changed it up by adding some coconut. I was inspired to design a bottle that represented the message of my song – the emergence of the perfume from the broken heart represents moving forward from a challenging chapter.” After she dropped Thank U Next, it hit over 55 million views on You Tube within 24 hours which was a record in itself.  Ariana Grande’s fans run deep, so expect her perfume to take off much like her song did.

Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in February 1988, was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados, an important early influence on both her music and her style. She was still a teen when she scored with her first single, “Pon de Replay” that featured her signature Caribbean dancehall sound, a form of hip hop influenced reggae. It was hot and fresh and led to hit after hit and tour after tour.

It wasn’t until 2005 when she moved to the US that the limitations of Barbados became apparent. Rihanna’s musical world expanded beyond reggae and hip hop. At various times she has listed her influences as Madonna, Miriah Carry, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, Celine Dion, Grace Jones, Lil’ Kim, Alicia Keys, Prince, Fefe Dobson and Brandy.

Rihanna’s charm comes from her ability to reinvent herself musically and stylistically. Since she’s been in the US her music has evolved well beyond what she brought from Barbados and she has grown into quite the style icon. She has said that her interest in fashion started with her mother.

Her sense of individual style has been recognized by the some of the best fashion houses in the world, which has made her not just a singer who dabbles in fashion, but a real player in the the international fashion business. She has been seen on over 70 magazine covers and has been associated with some world’s leading brands: Mac Cosmetics, Dior, Armani, Balmain, Stance, Manolo Blahnik and Puma.

In association with her personal stylist, Adam Selman, and British street fashion house River Island, Rihanna presented her first fashion collection at London’s Fashion Week in 2013. The next year she was given the prestigious Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers. That’s impressive.

In May 2019, Rihanna launched a fashion brand called Fenty (spelled FEИTY) through the luxury fashion house LVMH.

Where Beyonce parlayed her music career into a parallel movie career, Rihanna has used her music career to expand into fashion. Her movie career has been minor league so far, but her radiant personality and beauty is a good predictor of a future in that medium as well – it’s only a matter of time.


  • Rihanna’s resume includes: executive producer, fashion designer, actress, astute business entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • She has amassed 81 million Facebook fans, 57 million Twitter & 35 million Instagram followers.
  • She’s sold more than 54 million albums, 210 million tracks worldwide and is the best selling digital artist of all time with more than 100 million RIAA gold & platinum song certifications.
  • She’s earned eight Grammy awards and 14 Billboard Music Awards
  • She’s the youngest solo artist to score 14 number 1 singles on the Billboard’s Hot 100—the fastest to do so.
  • 2016, Her hit, “Work,” became Rihanna’s 27th top 10 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100, which tied her with Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Elton John for the fifth-most top 10s in Hot 100 history.  They are old, she is young!
  • 2014 Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers


  • Music of the Sun (2005)

  • A Girl like Me (2006)

  • Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

  • Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded (2008)

  • Rated R (2009)

  • Loud (2010)

  • Talk That Talk (2011)

  • Unapologetic (2012)

  • Anti (2016)


  • Rihanna: Live in Concert Tour (2006)
  • Good Girl Gone Bad Tour (2007-09)
  • A Girl’s Night Out – Charity concerts (2008)
  • Last Girl on Earth Tour (2010-11)
  • Loud Tour (2011)
  • 777 Tour (2012)
  • Diamonds World Tour (2013)
  • The Monster Tour w/ Eminem (2014)
  • Anti World Tour (2016)


  • Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)
  • Battleship (2012)
  • This Is the End (2013)
  • Home (2015)
  • Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets (2017)
  • Ocean’s 8 (2018)
  • Guava Island (2019)