Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys have settled their contract dispute just in time for the season.  As expected, the deal is for 6 years and $90 million.

Now the focus shifts to Melvin Gordon and the Los Angeles Chargers, who are going through their own contract standoff. Gordon, like Zeke, is a top running back in the NFL. Despite the fact he has had injury troubles throughout his career, his production when he’s on the field and healthy is through the roof. The Chargers know it, but they have zero leverage when it comes to potentially trading him. Here’s why.

It is reported that Gordon is looking to earn about $13 million a season which is less than what Zeke got from Dallas. Though Gordon is only 26, he’s had injury problems unlike Zeke who has been healthy so far. With that said any team that would be enticed to trade for Gordon would have to consider his contract demands, potential for injury and the Chargers compensation package. The latter is incredibly high given the value put on the running back position in the NFL.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, the Chargers are asking for a 1st round pick for next year’s draft or a 1st and 5th round pick in the 2021 draft. In a time when players like Alvin Kamara and Kareen Hunt were drafted in the third round, it’s hard to justify paying a 1st round premium for a position that runs deep in drafts. Gordon is among the elite tier of running backs in the league, but the position he plays is working against the Chargers in their negotiations with other teams. Don’t be shocked if Gordon has already played his last game in Charger blue or he doesn’t play until late in the season or doesn’t play this season at all.

A new study from the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) shows that across the top 100 grossing movies from 2007-2018 only three percent of the films featured leads or co-leads with Latino or Latina actors. The study also found that there was a major shortage in Latino / Latina directors and producers. Given that the Latino community represents over 18 percent of the US population and 40 percent of the California population, why are they so under-represented in mainstream Hollywood films? In addition to the under-representation, Latinos are often depicted in roles of violence and hate.  It’s something that must change to bring to light the true beauty of the Latino culture and to bring a more balanced understanding of the Latin contribution to the broader American culture.

NBA Free Agency officially opened up on Sunday, and from the jump, some high profile players have already committed to deals. NBA Twitter was filled with Woj bomb after Woj bomb on Sunday, and depending on who you support, it was either a really good day, or a really bad day. Let’s take a look at some of the notable action from yesterday.

  1. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving team up in New York. Despite Durant’s injury these were the top two free agents on the market outside of Kawhi Leonard, and the two of them are joining forces in New York, only, it’s not with the Knicks. The Brooklyn Nets the surprise winners of free agency landed both former NBA Champions on 4 year deals at slightly below max money. The duo taking slightly less opened up money for the Nets to sign DeAndre Jordan on a 4 year deal as well. Brooklyn also signed Garett Temple on a 2 year deal. Huge day for Brooklyn.
  2. Staying in the news of Brooklyn, the Nets sent D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors in a sign in trade, and he inked a 4 year $117M max contract. The guard broke out this year in Brooklyn leading them to their first playoff appearance since the Deron Williams days. He will team up with Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and in all likelihood Klay Thompson when he returns from his injury. A big add for GSW to fill the void of Thompson as he recovers from an ACL, but in order to clear up cap space, they had to send Andre Iguodala to Memphis.
  3. Kemba Walker signed with the Boston Celtics on a 4 year maximum deal ($141M). The former all-star heads to the Celtics with an opportunity to finally compete for something in the Eastern Conference after spending all of his career with the lowly Hornets. He is a great replacement for Irving and should be better for team chemistry as well under coach Brad Stevens.
  4. Jimmy Butler is heading out of Philly to Miami in a sign and trade. Details of the contract have not been announced yet but likely will be a 4 year max. In return the 76ers pick up Josh Richardson. Despite losing Butler, the 76ers stayed busy, resigning Tobias Harris to a 5 year $180M max deal, and five time all star Al Horford to a 4 year $109M deal. Miami gets an adult in the room to go along with their young core, as do the 76ers with Horford who will bring immediate credibility into their locker room. The 76ers also saw JJ Reddick leave to New Orleans on a 2 year deal.
  5. The Milwaulkee Bucks kept some of their core intact resigning Brook Lopez and Kris Middleton. Lopez gets 4 years $52M, while Middleton cashes in with a 5 year $178M deal, the third highest contract in NBA history! While the two pivotal players for the Bucks stay in town with the Greek Freak, the Bucks did lose Malcom Brogdon who signed a 4 year $85M deal with the Indiana Pacers.
  6. The New York Knicks, missed out on some of the top free agents of this year’s class, but managed to make a couple good moves to help build a roster around their young developing players. They signed Taj Gibson on a 2 year $20M deal, Julius Randle who broke out last season on a 3 year $63M deal, and Bobby Portis on a 2 year $31M deal. The contracts give the Knicks some flexibility down the line as they will look to their younger players including #3 overall pick RJ Barrett to become the next generation of Knicks basketball.

Other notable signings and moves:

  • Derrick Favors is heading to New Orleans for two second round picks
  • Patrick Beverley stays in LA with the Clippers on a 3 year $40M deal
  • Mario Hezonjia goes to Portland on 1 year minimum deal with a team option
  • Ed Davis signs with Utah on a 2 year $10M deal
  • Rodney Hood signs 2 year $16M deal with Portland
  • Bojan Bogdanovic signs 4 year $73M deal with Utah, leaving Indiana
  • Terrence Ross agrees to 4 year $54M deal to return to Orlando
  • Jonas Valanciunas agrees to 3 year $45M deal to stay in Memphis.
  • Derrick Rose signs 2 year $15M deal with Pistons
  • Harrison Barnes agrees to 4 year $85M deal to stay in Sacramento