Logan Kramer


This is not a drill. Canadian pop superstar returned yesterday with three more sultry, sweet jams.

“Party For One”, a self-empowering ode to loneliness – was released in November as a single, yet fits in very well with the two fresh tracks.

Rising to internet fame as a result of the unforgettable 2012 anthem “Call Me Maybe”, Carly Rae Jepsen has proved to be more than a one hit wonder. Although the singer hasn’t scored a hit as big as “Call Me Maybe”, she has learned how to delicately finesse a distinct pop style, one that highlights themes of emotional vulnerability, romance, heartbreak, and self acceptance.

“Now That I Found You” is very reminiscent of the bouncy “I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance”, featured on Carly’s third LP, Emotion. While “No Drug Like Me” is luscious and sassy, with lyrics like “And if you make me feel in love, then I’ll blossom for you / If you make me open up, I’ll tell only the truth“.

The release of three tracks (hopefully) means a new Carly LP is in the works.

Check out the new tracks below.

“Now That I Found You”

“No Drug Like Me”

“Party For One”

Japanese Breakfast has created an authentic sound built around indie pop and atmospheric synths that pleasure the ears. A sound that for one fan could have been more “rudimentary”. This past Tuesday, Michelle Zauner- lead singer of the band received some rather interesting Twitter criticism for her song “Till Death”. The self proclaimed musician who slid into her DMs essentially tried to rewrite her song by offering opinions that no one asked for.

This fan sent a lengthy and unnecessary message to the band’s account on Twitter. His main criticism was that the bass line on the song “sounded forced” and that the song “deserves a simple dropping bass riff that isn’t too flashy”. Most of the message consisted of the critic telling Michelle how she should have recorded her own music. Basically, this is a horrible way to get one of your favorite artists to notice you. Not to mention, this critic is representing the toxicity of mansplaining that many women face regularly.  

Zauner cleverly replied to the critic on Twitter,  joking “*rerecords album*”. The advice given from this “fan” caused a stir of interesting tweets and Twitter jokes related to his comments. While the Twitter critic certainly got his voice heard, hopefully he learned that there are more pleasant ways to reach out to one of your icons. Before offering unsolicited advice, it may be smart to take a friendlier approach and not be too demanding- so that you don’t make a fool of yourself.  On the plus side, this situation can teach us how to properly combat internet mansplainers- one snarky tweet at a time.


Dekalb Stage and Understudy Lounge opened up this past weekend, in the center of Downtown Brooklyn at 445 Albee Square West. The venue, attached to the Dekalb Market Hall is 7,500 square feet and has a capacity of 300. This past Saturday, the venue welcomed its first event Soul Summit, an upbeat and energy-fueled house-music party. Next weekend there will be a Sound Off™ Silent Disco. Also upcoming, Dekalb Stage will be hosting a weekly trivia series and weekly bingo.

As you near the back of Dekalb Stage, a door will guide you to Understudy, a charming and pristine cocktail lounge. The drink menu might easily reel you in, with very interesting concoctions and enchanting names.  There is a rotating snack menu here, and even cheese and meat boards. To gain a vision on how enticing the drink menu is, take a peek below.
  • Upstage: whiskey, hibiscus, egg white, fresh lemon & lime juice, bitters
  • Stage Left: Mezcal, maple, fresh lime juice
  • All About Eve: tequila, lavender, fresh lime juice & sea salt
  • Drama Queen: citrus rum, limoncello, fresh lime juice, grapefruit, tangerine & orange juice, sweet dried citrus zest
  • The Ensemble: dark rum, anejo tequila, vodka, velvet falernum, mango, pineapple, and homemade grenadine

Located just a mile up from Barclays Center, the Dekalb Stage and Understudy Lounge will provide a new location to enjoy live music. Providing a new spotlight to see artists perform under will help Downtown Brooklyn continue to generate buzz as a hotspot. It’s important to create and promote more safe music venues around the nation. Music is meant to be shared, recognized and properly appreciated, and The Dekalb Lounge and Understudy will allow these concepts to flourish. If the drink menu didn’t make you salivate a bit, at least check this venue out to help keep the live music scene vital.


Many new music and unexpected collaborations have been coming out of the woodwork as of recent. This week we saw exactly that, and the results were pretty jarring. Zedd and Katy Perry have teamed up to create the overwhelmingly average “365”. Around this time last year, Zedd released “The Middle”  with country pop singer-songwriter Maren Morris. Is he expecting “365” to carry the torch the Grammy nominated “Middle” lit up? “365” is far from a disaster, but it borderlines generic pop as opposed to the grandiose and creative electronica Zedd used to wow us with. We’ll have to see if it lives up to the success “The Middle” generated. Oh yeah, and there’s the overtly weird and creepy themes of obsession Katy throws in the lyrics. Yikes.

(Listen to “365”- Zedd & Katy Perry here).

Shockingly, Avril Lavigne partnered up with Nicki Minaj and released “Dumb Blonde” from Avril’s new album Head Above Water, released February 15th (Yes, you’re reading that sentence correctly). Many suspected Avril died after internet memes and various fans stated she was replaced by a clone named Melissa. She’s proving us that she’s here, in the flesh, with an extremely bland and unseasoned song. This song is very much Avril trying to revisit her old school Canadian punk rock chick era, which she proves on this track she’s far outgrown. The lyrics have been done before, and its style is attempting to mirror Avril’s 2007 banger, “Girlfriend”, which simply cannot be recreated. And Nicki Minaj is practically lifeless in this, her presence isn’t bad but doesn’t really do anything to enhance this track.

(Listen to “Dumb Blonde”- Avril Lavigne & Nicki Minaj here).

In the world of pop music collaborations this week, one song took the cake and managed to be bearable. Cardi B and Bruno Mars released “Please Me” which once again showcases Bruno as a ladies man, being wooed by girls in the club. We already know these two have amazing chemistry and they’ve proven this with how successful the “Finesse (Remix)” ended up being. This, much like “Finesse” highlights Bruno’s cockiness and magnificently powerful vocal range. This mixed with Cardi’s wit and bubbling personality is what makes these two unstoppable. Both Cardi and Bruno deliver amazingly, and give us something new to grind at the bar to.

(Listen to “Please Me” – Cardi B & Bruno Mars here).