It’s been a quiet summer for Selena Gomez. No new music, not much action on social media, but she has been working on a new project under the radar, sort of. It has been reported by Women’s Wear Daily that Gomez has filed a trademark through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the name “Selena Gomez”. While she hasn’t promoted anything new or said anything about the trademark, the name was pretty telling that she’s up to something.

Gomez is up to a bunch of things in fact, along the lines of cosmetology. The trademark was filed for perfumes, coognes, aftershaves, cosmetics, skin and hair care, nail products, essential oils, soaps, body lotions, fragrances, and more! Sounds like a whole “Selena Gomez” beauty and self care line is in the works. Selena still hasn’t commented on the subject so we expect it to be at least a year before anything gets officially released to market.

With some new music reported to be on the way this fall, and now a possible announcement of a new line of cosmetic products looming, Gomez’s busy summer might be shifting into a very busy fall.


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