American parents are increasingly terrified that their kids might get shot to death in school. The US has high levels of gun violence, especially mass shootings and school shootings. The recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio have increased an already growing interest in products that are allegedly bullet proof. One Houston based company called TuffyPacks sells bulletproof back-pack inserts. Sales for their products have increased every year since 2016. Parents with kids are the ones buying these types of products. Unfortunately, there’s not much evidence that these products actually work. Another company in Sanford, Florida called Guard Dog Security has been selling bullet protection backpacks since 2013. Matthew Mayers, a professor at Rutgers University who studies school violence prevention, says that these products do not work at all and are only marketing schemes designed to make money by exploiting fear. Apparently, this tactic is making good business sense regardless of the security results.

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