The buzz is palpable around the release of Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+.  Set to release November 12th, it is entering the market against well established players like Netflix and Amazon, which would not be an easy task for a newbie, but with Disney’s catalog, they will light it up immediately, even if their subscribers are limited to families with kids. Early announcements about pricing for Disney+ suggest that it will come as a standalone, starting price for $6.99 and a bundled price of $12.99 that will include ESPN+ and Hulu. The standalone price for ESPN + is $4.99 while Hulu sits at $5.99. Combing the three services together under one price umbrella is a proper marketing strategy. ESPN and Hulu have been at least partially owned by Disney for some time. Hulu became part of Disney after its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The competition lines up as follows: Amazon Prime offers its streaming service bundled with Amazon shipping benefits for about $12.99 a month, Netflix offers its thousands of movies and original series for the same and now Disney + is matching them.  Disney’s advantage is its amazing catalog of classic movies and cartoons for kids and the movies from their other properties; Marvel, Touchstone Pictures and Lucasfilm.  No doubt, they will force an adjustment in the market.  To counter what is coming, Netflix is putting up $15 billion to finance original programming.  Take that Mickey.

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