Charli XCX caught a major career break when Taylor Swift tapped her to open for the Reputation tour last year. The tour was record breaking stateside, bringing in more than $200 million in ticket sales. That’s tens of thousands of people at each show who got to see Charli XCX, compared to her prior audiences of 1,000 to 3,000.  They got to see her because of Taylor Swift.

One would think she would be eternally grateful for the opportunity and would use the platform to build a good public image for herself. Wrong. In a recent interview XCX dropped some shade Swift’s way, “I am really grateful that she asked me to be on that tour. But as an artist, it sort of felt like I was going up on stage and waving to 5-year-olds.”


She continued, “I have done so much opening and it really cemented my status as this underdog character, which I like now. But I just need my own…finally.”

Here’s the thing, any artist who accepts the opening spot on a Taylor Swift tour should know the audience that will show up.  Charli XCX’s frustration is with the state of her career.  It is that she can only draw a couple thousand people, which requires her to open for others to reach beyond her limited audience.  Her complaint is with her producers who aren’t finding her better songs.  Her complaint is with her management who are not getting her to open for more appropriate headliners.  Her complaint is with the quality of her own performance that is not propelling her further, faster. Passionate Taylor Swift fan’s have not taken these comments lightly. They have been blasting XCX on Twitter the last few days. Just hop on the app and check out what they’re saying.


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