What may have started as a joke back on June 9th when Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight, may actually happen.  Cruise, who is around 15 years older than Justin’s father, hasn’t directly responded, but there are reports that his people are talking to Justin’s people who are talking to UFC president Dana White, who would love to put the two stars in the Octagon.  One hopes that there’s an adult in the room who knows that fight scenes in movies, even Tom Cruise movies, are staged.  They are more like dances than fights.  Tom doesn’t actually get hit in his pretty face.  On the other side, does Justin know that Tom Cruise is the most prepared man in Hollywood, that if he accepts the challenge, Justin’s pretty face will be in jeopardy?

Either way, we are here for this event which if it occurs could become the biggest spectacle in fighting history!

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