• John Challenger is the Assistant Director of Music at Salisbury Cathedral.
  • A large part of that passion is expressed through the cathedral’s remarkable 65-stop Victorian organ, built by Henry Willis (who earned the sobriquet ‘Father’ Willis through his immense contribution to the art and science of organ building).
  • (I run the chamber choir at the cathedral – which is our volunteer adult choir, and a spot of directing the Salisbury Music Society, the local chorus and a chance to conduct the local symphony orchestra) but mainly I play the organ and I love playing the wonderful ‘Father’ Willis organ… until last year of course, when it went away for restoration.
  • The organ was built by ‘Father’ Henry Willis built between 1876 and 1877.
  • There was a big fuss about a blanket ban on lead being used near electrical wires a few years ago, which would have meant almost every organ in the country would have had to have been disposed of safely, but clearly that doesn’t apply to these instruments!
  • This second CD, which will be released this summer, is a little different, as it’s French symphonic organ music.

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