While the success of Aladdin may be good news to Disney and its investors, if you’re a Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX ) supporter, the news may not be as well received and could only fan the flames around the uncertain future of the streaming juggernaut. Netflix investors knew that the Disney deal was going to mean a sizable amount of content coming off the platform, but while in the past that hasn’t been a big deal, now it may be a more glaring problem. Disney could potentially cost Netflix 30% of its user base – on its own that is a staggering number, but not as staggering as when combined by another aspect of the poll that says 49% of young viewers would cancel Netflix if the streamer lost key programs – many of which are not Disney-owned.

That means that if you take the 30% estimated to leave with Disney+ launches and then factor on top of that even just a fraction of the 49% (accounting for overlap) that say they’ll jump if their favorite programs leave, then you could potentially be looking at Netflix losing an even larger part of its base … read full article: seekingalpha.com


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