• Mystery at Epcot Theme Park

    By George Meier The mystery began back in August of last year when Disney reported the Buzzy costume had gone missing. Buzzy is a character from the Cranium Command attraction in the Wonders of Life Pavilion of Epcot in Florida. Almost a year later the mystery seems to have been solved with the arrest of […]

  • Why Did Little Nas X Write “Old Town Road”?

    by George Meier According to Oprah Magazine, Little Nas X wrote “Old Town Road” while he was living at his sister’s house after he dropped out of college – much to the dismay of his parents. During this period of life, he felt powerless like he had no options left. It drove a yearning for […]

  • Will Smith Adds Passionate Bollywood Touch to Aladdin

    By George Meier Actor Will Smith made sure that his passion for Bollywood style movies was infused into Aladdin – a natural fit. Films from India have a specific style in the acting and especially in the singing and group dancing. Smith has visited India several times for personal and professional reasons and when he […]

  • Look Like Princess Jasmine with this Aladdin Themed Makeup Collection

    By George Meier The beauty of Disney’s new Aladdin film does not end with the film! The new movies comes with a line of Mac beauty products, including eye shadow and lipstick. The eye shadow palette called X9: Princess Jasmine, comes with nine shades including golden brown, bright gold, metallic pink, strong gold, pure silver […]

  • Disney’s Aladdin Remake Attracting Good Early Reviews

    By Eric Bleys Disney’s remake of Aladdin, the classic tale of romance amidst a rags to riches story has people going to the movies.  The film is based on a charming Middle Eastern folktale from One Thousand and One Nights in which Aladdin, who is raised in poverty, encounters magical forces from which he eventually […]

  • Shawn Mendes Deals With Anxiety Just Like Us!

    By Eric Bleys Shawn Mendes, the 20 year old music star from Toronto, seems to have it all – the looks and the talent. What’s the problem? It turns out Mendes struggles with the same anxieties and pressures that afflict the rest of us. He told People Magazine that it’s a part of his life […]

  • “Father of Ashad” is a Hit and Here are the Songs You Have to Know!

    By George Meier Leading the pack into YouTube’s Top 20 for DJ Khaled is his collaboration on “Higher” featuring Nipsey Hussle and John Legend. It’s followed by “Jealous,” which features Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Big Sean. And third is “You Stay” featuring Meek Mill, J Balvin, Lil Baby and Jeremiah. […]

  • DJ Khaled Honors Nipsey Hussle on SNL!

    by George Meier DJ Khaled and John Legend teamed up for a Saturday Night Live tribute to 33 year old, rapper Nipsey Hussle. They played “Higher” the song that the three had collaborated on just before his death by gunfire outside his LA clothing store. The emotional performance began with Khaled’s declaration, “Long live Nipsey […]

  • Who is Lil Nas X? Seriously Though?

    Article by Eric Bleys With Lil Nas X (Montero Lamar Hill) is a twenty-year-old American rapper, singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. He began as an internet personality, but came to the forefront with his hit 2018 single “Old Time Road.” The core song is terrific, but Lil Nas X raises the level by finding a way […]